Mini Gladiators U3-U5

Mini Gladiators – U3 to U5


Mini Gladiators runs on Saturday mornings from 8am to 9am. Term’s 1-3 will run from Saturday the 19th of February to Saturday the 18th of September at our Mark St facility. Term 4 will see our Mini Gladiators train on Friday afternoon on CTM to align with our summer 6’s competition.

The sessions are designed for children from 2 or 3 – 5 years old for fun and enjoyment but will also stand them in good stead to play in a team in the future. As the children develop they are monitored by our qualified coaches (who in turn are monitored) so they are gaining maximum enjoyment from the sessions. Naturally, some show exceptional ability and we invite those to take part in our Junior Gladiators program which is organized games for 6-8-year-olds. It is a credit to our Mini Gladiators Program that a number of our 5-year-olds were also playing in the under 6/7 competition last season, having been identified as capable of doing so. Others stay in the MiniGladiators program and simply enjoy playing with their friends. No child is moved from the program before parents are consulted and agree.

All of the children enjoy these sessions as they are designed to take our youngsters on their football journey by playing enjoyable games. The games are fun based while teaching children the essentials of football, – first touch, 1v1, running with the ball and striking the ball, while simultaneously they improve balance and agility. At the same time, they learn essential life skills of socializing with other children, respect for coaches, discipline, awareness and most of all enjoyment.

What makes us different from most clubs are these sessions are created by qualified paid coaches (not parents) who are led by FFA A Licensed coach Dean Gregory. Other coaches include club Senior NPL and NPLW players and FFA Qualified Coaches, along with assistants from our SAP (elite youth) program who all make sure the children are fully engaged. While our coaches are involved with the games and running the session our SAP kids (ages 9-12) play individual games with those children who are a little shyer or less engaged than others (usually the newer children)

We run the program all year round throughout the 4 school terms starting on the 19th of February. You are welcome to come along at your convenience, and we totally understand not everyone is able to come along every week, hence the cost for the program is just $450 for the whole year. There is also a one-term option. This full-year package includes 30 sessions across terms 1-4 (which are made up if it is cancelled due to rain). There are no further fees to pay and the full year fee includes a full BCFC playing kit (valued at $70). It also includes a game-day experience where the kids have changing room tours, meet the players and then have the opportunity to be game-day mascots for a home NPL game. The fee also includes our end-of-season presentation day and medal / photo. Across the entire season, this amounts to just under $13 inc GST per session that is coached and delivered.

For further enquiries email: [email protected]