Brisbane City FC is delighted to introduce our appointed Board for 2024, featuring a dedicated team of professionals committed to driving the club forward in our mission to nurture talent, enhance community engagement, and achieve sporting excellence.

Our Board Members and their respective roles for the coming year are:

  • Rob Rossi – Partnerships & Relationships
  • Simone Trentino – Sponsorship
  • Martin Platz –Finance & Budgets
  • Carmen Mauchline – Secretary & Uniforms
  • Matt Jabs – Football Programs
  • Emelia Chalker – Events, Media & Comms
  • John Del’Vecchio – Retail & Food Services
  • Joe D’Ercole – Facilities


Each member brings a wealth of experience and passion to their role, reflecting our club’s commitment to excellence both on and off the field.

We extend our gratitude to our outgoing board members for their invaluable contributions and welcome our new and returning members with great enthusiasm for the journey ahead.